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Nearly half of our client referrals come from professionals who specialize in treating and supporting children, adolescents, young adults and their families. Our referral partners are an invaluable resource to us. We work hard to collaborate and follow the lead of the professional guiding the family.

We are always willing to provide professional references for those with whom we’ve worked in the past. If you are working with a family that is searching for school and/or treatment options or is looking to you for guidance and you would like to collaborate with us, please contact us.  

We are always searching for professionals within our community and throughout the United States to refer our clients to for any of the following:


Individual Therapy

Marital Counseling

Family Therapy

Speech/Language Pathologists

Occupational Therapists

Parent Coaches

Specialized therapeutic approaches including: equine, EMDR, DBT, CBT and art therapy

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Social Skills Groups

Speech / Language and Occupational Therapy

DBT Skills Groups

Sibling Support Groups

Parent Support Groups

Activities tailored to specific needs/populations

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