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What is an Educational Consultant?

Independent Educational Consultants are professionals who assist clients and families with educational and therapeutic decision-making. An Educational Consultant’s role requires them to understand the family and client well and know the educational and therapeutic institutions intimately. Our role is part counselor, part matchmaker and part case manager.

What is the value of an educational consultant?

Simply put: Not all programs are created equally.

Our recommendations are not based on website reviews. Nor are they based on networking with marketers or word-of-mouth. Our referrals are based on first-hand knowledge of schools and programs and relationships built by visiting them in person.  It is a rare occurrence for us to recommend a placement we have not previously visited or have prior experience with. Our goal with each of our families is to arm you with information so you can make the most informed decision possible. We connect you with families who have been in your shoes, making similar decisions. We want you to hear feedback regarding opportunities - both the good and not so good - so you can have a realistic understanding of what to expect.

Our professional network keeps us up-to-date with any emerging program concerns that could impact our clients. Working together with an Educational Consultant can reduce your chances of a placement failure and save you time, money and emotional energy.  

We travel frequently to meet the clinicians, teachers, program directors and officers, and we gather information with the intent to gain a full understanding of each program/school’s philosophy, structure and design. We check out the facility. We observe staff and client interactions. We talk to clients currently enrolled to hear their thoughts about the placement.

An Educational Consultant doesn’t just connect you with a database of information. We are not Google. Educational Consultants can also analyze and differentiate between programs/schools and the resources they offer and how they relate to your child’s unique history, needs and goals.

Pilcrow Educational Consultants pride ourselves on being intimately acquainted with the very best options including the staff, the culture and the strengths and weaknesses of every program we suggest for your child. We work directly for you and do not accept any compensation from programs, ever.

When it is time to look for out-of-home placement?

Our first goal is always to keep families unified. We are parents ourselves, and have great humility in the process of raising young people in today’s world.  

That said, we are usually not a family’s first stop. Our families come to us seeking help for a child who is struggling at home and/or in school and those who have typically seen (or attempted to see) a team of treatment providers. Pilcrow families have often already implemented a variety of interventions with ineffective results.

We go to great lengths to understand your child’s diagnoses and needs, and work with your “home team” to craft, if appropriate, an out-of-home placement that can give your child the resilience to return home as soon as possible. We always have our eye on family reunification and favor placement in the “least restrictive” program possible. We only make the recommendation for a child to attend an out-of-home placement when all other resources and interventions have been exhausted.

What am I paying for? What is included in your fee?

The fee covers the assessment, placement recommendations and extensive case management throughout the course of treatment. Support is provided by our team every step of the way. When the inevitable bumps occur, we are here to provide advocacy, support and guidance.

Do consultants get compensated by programs for referrals?

Absolutely not. We are truly independent and have no affiliation with any particular school or program. We adhere to the standards of our professional organization, the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). We refer to a wide variety of schools and programs nationwide depending on the unique needs of each child we serve.

Which schools and programs do you currently have a relationship with?

Check out the list of programs and schools Pilcrow Advisors Educational & Therapeutic Consultants have personally visited here.


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