our clients


Individuals and families we support through therapeutic placements often have not found success in local or short-term treatment settings and may be considered "treatment resistant" up to this point.  In regards to educational placements, our clients range from the highly motivated student who is bored with school to the student struggling with lack of motivation, school refusal or a developmental or learning disability.

Client behaviors range from mild self-esteem and identity issues to neurological deficits or an oppositional and/or aggressive demeanor. Some of our clients are emotionally stable while others struggle with instability due to mental illness. Some clients have no addictions while others struggle with substance abuse, pornography addiction, promiscuity, technology overuse, self-harm and eating issues.

We provide expert guidance tailored to your child’s specific academic, social, emotional, behavioral and psychiatric needs.

Below is a list including (but not limited to) issues with which we have extensive experience:


Depression / Mood Disorders

Underachievement / Lack of Motivation

Anxiety / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Oppositional / Aggressive Behavior

Personality Disorders

Relationship Issues

Low Self-Esteem

Poor Social Skills

Complex Medical Conditions

Grief / Loss

Eating Disorders

Adoption / Attachment Issues

Poor Decision Making Skills

Divorce / Family Conflict

Underdeveloped Independent Living Skills

Legal Involvement

Association with Negative Peer Group

Sexual Misconduct/Promiscuity/Reactivity


Autism Spectrum Disorder

Learning / Attention Difficulties

Trauma / Abuse

Addictions such as Substance, Computer, Gaming and Pornography

Refusal to Attend School

Sexual / Gender Identity Issues