our process



As a part of our Assessment, Pilcrow Advisors will request to speak with relevant individuals who interact with your child for developmental, academic and clinical input. These individuals include (but are not limited to): therapists, doctors, teachers, tutors, legal professionals, family and friends.  

We will also ask you to provide any written documentation relevant to your child’s academic and psychological history. We will complete a thorough intake with you to be sure we have a holistic understanding of your child and his/her needs. Meetings with families and children may also require travel to the home city or current school. You are welcome to make these travel requests of our team.

When possible, we want to meet your child to assess their academic, social, emotional and extracurricular needs.  We want to understand their story from their perspective, gauge their readiness for a change and identify their aspirations. In some cases, due to mental health or behavioral/safety concerns, we understand it is not in the child’s best interest to be involved in the Assessment process.  In those cases, we rely heavily on a parent’s report and feedback from the professionals involved to make recommendations.

If your child is over the age of 18, it is our strong preference to have them involved in the assessment and selection process from the onset. We find that this empowers them and provides them with valuable experience in making decisions that impact their best long-term interests. Of course, not every young adult who would benefit from partnering with Pilcrow Advisors is initially willing to be an active participant in the process.  We will work hard to build trust and rapport with your young adult. When necessary, we guide families through the efforts that can be made to decrease a young adult’s resistance to pursuing solutions.

An individualized approach will be taken at all times with respect to your child’s learning styles, emotional needs and family preferences when considering possibilities for placement. Once our assessment process is complete, we provide customized recommendations specifically tailored for your child. We review the options together and support you through the decision making process.



Identifying the right placement option is only the beginning of the services we offer.  Our continuing support includes but is not limited to:

  • Assistance with the admission and enrollment process after a suitable program or school has been chosen.

  • Assistance with transportation arrangements when necessary.

  • Continual communication with you, your chosen school/program and your home support team.

  • Ongoing support and advocacy for your child.