our story


Pilcrow Advisors was founded with determination to help you help your child navigate the pivots in life that are required to shift their trajectory. We know that a one-size-fits-all formula for success doesn’t exist. With the vast and ever-growing amount of resources available, how can you confidently choose the best fit for your child and his/her unique needs?

You and your support team are the experts on your child. We are the experts on the resources available. We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to.

Pilcrow Advisors takes great pride in providing hope to families who have exhausted the options within their knowledge base. We travel frequently to ensure we maintain a real-time, firsthand understanding of school and program components (i.e. staff changes & credentials, environmental shifts, licensing & current populations enrolled, etc).

We cultivate relationships with program coordinators and school administrators, developing in-depth knowledge of how each program will benefit our clients. Our knowledge informs our practice, allowing us to make insightful, evidence-based and innovative recommendations for the benefit of your child.

Pilcrow Advisors Consultants are proud to belong to a strong, worldwide network of more than 100 other active educational & therapeutic consultants. We regularly attend professional conferences and collaborate with colleagues to ensure that our clients benefit from our combined and up-to-the-minute reservoir of shared information. Collectively, our knowledge base of options is unmatched.  

Pilcrow Advisors does not provide therapy directly. Our consultants help you design the best path forward and connect you to the right help for your specific circumstances. We understand that the emotional and financial investment you are considering is a momentous one. Our goal is to assist you with understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each placement option so you are able to make an informed decision. You can rely on us to understand your complex situation and treat you as an essential, respected member of the team.

Pilcrow Advisors does not accept or receive referral fees or any compensation from programs for recommending enrollment.