young adult


Most Young Adult Programs are designed for clients between the ages of 17.5 – 35 who struggle to individuate or “launch” into independence.  

Young adult clients may be unmotivated, failing out of school, lacking fundamental life skills, socially immature or require supervision and coaching as they navigate the shift into adulthood. Appropriate candidates for Young Adult Programs are often not reaching the same milestones of independence as their peers. They may be stuck in a cycle of failure and need the help and respite of a Young Adult Treatment or Transition program to better prepare them for a successful transition to adulthood.

Young Adult Programs range from those that are highly structured, supervised and clinically sophisticated to those that are coaching-based and support and guide young adults through experiences at their usual school or place of work.  

Many transition options offer a combination of sober living, vocational & life skills training and college guidance. The young adult may begin in a home-based residential model and, after they have demonstrated their ability to remain responsible with added freedoms, transition to a community-based independent living apartment model.

Most YA programs have a community service/volunteering component and encourage young adult efforts to connect with the local community, making reintegration feel less foreign.